Word Is Bond

Before there was a legal system accompanied by written paper instruments… there was the spoken word!

Verbal communication is at the heart of all human interaction. One’s reputation, integrity and character is weighed and determined by what is said, in comparison to what is done. To be a person of one’s word, and to act accordingly is the key to being authentic.

“Word is bond” is a popularized term that we hear today frequently among young people… reminding us that we are to be true to our word, and that our actions and commitment should be in accordance to what we have promised to do.

Today, in a paper and electronic world, many of us are too careless with our words. We often say “yes”, when we mean “no”, or say that we will do something – without personally committing ourselves to keep the pledge that we have made with our lips. This is not good, for in so doing we become unreliable, or persons of questionable integrity.

Honor and Duty… are two important virtues which should be ascribe to. While they are the “life-blood” of the Sacred Male and the Awakened Warrior, they also are exceptional qualities for responsible persons across age and gender lines:

  • Honor: is to live humbly, while being respectful to others. While humility has a built in component of meekness, it is far from being weakness. It is self-empowering without being selfish.
  • Duty: is very much in line with our topic, it means to fulfill the commitment that we make so that our words and deeds measure up, thereby closing the door to confusion and misunderstanding – as to who we are, what we believe in, and where we stand.

Now to be honest… many of us (if not all of us) have, in varying degrees, fallen short of being a person of our word. Perhaps, we had good intentions to keep our pledge, but within the challenges of daily living – we had to change our initial plans.

Understand, that while this is a normal thing to experience and a reasonable course of action to take… our original word and pledge stands unaltered before the world in its vibration. Therefore, we cannot abandon that commitment until we have withdrawn or altered the agreement to fit our present course. Communication is vital, and integrity demands this because…


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